The truth about the link between sexual desire and aging

The Truth About the Link Between Sexual Desire and Aging

As we get older, our sex lives—as well as our attitudes about sex—can change. One of the areas of debate is whether our sexual desire decreases with age or if it’s something that can stay consistent. Fortunately, with today’s technology and research, we are starting to understand more of the truth around the connection between sexual desire and aging.

The Decrease in Sexual Drive of Men After Age 50

Studies show that after the age of 50, many men tend to notice a decline in their sex drive, with symptoms such as:

  • Reduced interest in sex (i.e. less likely to initiate sex or feel aroused while engaging in sexual activities)
  • Changes in erectile function (i.e. finding it more difficult to maintain an erection)
  • Reduced sperm production (i.e. difficulty or inability to produce an erection at all or difficulty ejaculating)

The hormone testosterone plays an important role in male sexual desire. After a man reaches a certain age, testosterone levels can begin to decline, which can lead to a decreased sex drive.

Women Experience Different Changes to Sexual Desire With Age

Unlike men, women’s sex drives don’t decline as sharply. In fact, some reports suggest that they might even experience an increase in libido after menopause. That being said, some women do report experiencing a decrease in sexual desire with age. Possible causes of this decline may be:

  • Hormonal changes (such as the decrease in estrogen or progesterone levels)
  • Decreased sensitivity (i.e. less likely to feel aroused or experience an orgasm)
  • Changes in relationships (i.e. decreased intimacy or romance with their partner)

How to Maintain Sexual Desire as You Age

Fortunately, there are some ways to maintain sexual desire as you age:

  • Exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet – Exercise helps to promote cardiovascular health and maintain testosterone levels and a balanced diet can help you feel your best.
  • Communicate with your partner – Talk openly with your partner about how you are feeling, as communication plays an important role in maintaining a healthy sexual relationship.
  • Explore different sexual activities – This can help to reduce boredom and keep things interesting.
  • Talk to your doctor – If you are concerned about any of the changes that are occurring to your sexuality, speak to a medical professional to get the help you need.

In conclusion, it’s important to remember that everyone is different and therefore, everyone’s experience of sexual desire as they age will be different. That being said, understanding the link between sexual desire and aging can help us to make informed decisions about our sexual health and wellbeing.

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