The representation of sexual boundaries in popular media

The Representation of Sexual Boundaries in Popular Media

Sexual boundaries are a pervasive issue in popular media, given it is a major part of our lives. Different media portray differing versions of it, as well as push and challenge our social norms and values. In particular, television, movies, magazines, and video games all heavily portray sexual boundaries without being particularly upfront about it.


In television, sexual boundaries tend to be approached in two ways. The first is through a lens of traditional values, where characters remain within the parameters of society’s expectations. The second is in challenging those same parameters, by prompting conversations about different sexual values.


In movies, the same type of split can be seen. On the one hand, movies tend to carry more conservative values compared to television. On the other hand, more modern movies often present sexual boundaries in more progressive ways.


Magazines tend to show an even wider representation of sexual boundaries. Magazines tend to focus more on the topics of physical attractiveness and body image, and offer different takes on what boundaries people choose to set for themselves.

Video Games

Video games tend to be the most open about sexual boundaries. Different games handle it in different ways. Some are very explicit, while others handle the issue in a more subtle way.


Sexual boundaries are complex and wide-reaching issue, and one that popular media often handle in diverse and subtle ways. Television shows handle it in traditional and progressive ways, while movies, magazines, and video games each offer a unique approach to the topic.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what boundaries they want to set for themselves. No matter how it is portrayed in popular media, this is a decision that everyone has to make for themselves.

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