The representation of LGBTQ+ relationships in popular media

The Representation of LGBTQ+ Relationships in Popular Media

In recent years, there has been a rise in LGBTQ+ visibility in the media. This has been largely seen in television, films and books and has made strides in representing LGBTQ+ relationships and identities to a wider audience.


LGBTQ+ relationships and identities have had a larger presence and acceptance in television, as seen in sitcoms, dramas and other programming.

  • Sitcoms – many popular sitcoms like Will & Grace, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Modern Family feature LGBTQ+ characters in both the main and supporting cast.
  • Dramas – television has also seen the representation of LGBTQ+ relationships in its dramas most recently in popular shows like Pose, Orange is the New Black and Queer as Folk.


The film industry has also seen a gradual inclusion of LGBTQ+ representation in major films such as Moonlight, Milk, and Love, Simon. These films have had a wide reception and have rightfully earned merit for their portrayal of LGBTQ+ relationships.


LGBTQ+ solidarity has been also seen in the book industry stemming from both fanfiction and mainstream works. Authors such as J.K. Rowling, Tessa Gratton, David Levithan and Adam Silver have bravely covered LGBTQ+ relationships in both fantasy and realistic settings.

The representation of LGBTQ+ relationships in popular media has paved the way for a gradual acceptance of LGBTQ+ identities and has opened the door to further exploration of these identities in film, television and books.

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