The portrayed of sexual double standards for men in popular media

Portrayal of Sexual Double Standards for Men in Popular Media

It is an undeniable fact that gender roles and expectations have been long established in countless communities and societies around the world. Unfortunately, this has also been picked up by the media, and as a result, it affects how people develop their sense of self-worth. One of the issues, which is often portrayed all too frequently in the media, is the representation of sexual double standards experienced by men.

Sexual Expectations of Men

Generally, the media depicts the idea that a man, who is considered traditionally attractive, is desired and almost obligated to satisfy any woman sexually. What this implies, however, is that if a man is willing to have sexual intercourse with a lot of different partners he is accepted and praised by society.

Consequences of Sexual Double Standards

The situation is different for women as they are often judged more harshly for having multiple sexual partners. Women are often seen as sluts or whores, while the same kind of behavior from a man is considered nothing out of the ordinary. This has lead to a lot of men feeling pressure to be considered “manly enough”- pushing them to engage in risky and sometimes dangerous sexual behavior.

Unhealthy Stereotypes of Men

Moreover, men are also often depicted in the media as aggressive conquers and womanizers. This way of thinking sets a dangerous standard for young men who might be trying to navigate through teenage life and find their identity. This can lead to boys developing an unhealthy sense of self and a warped perception of females.

Overall Impact of Double Standards

These double standards have a much broader impact on the society overall. When women are degraded for their sexual behavior, it promotes a culture of objectivization and disrespect towards females. Furthermore, when men are judged for not wanting to engage in sexual activities, this can affect their self-worth and lead to depression or anxiety.

How to Counteract Double Standards?

The best way to take a step towards diminishing these double standards is to encourage an honest dialogue around the issue. The media should start by depicting more realistic and healthier perceptions of both sexes and focus less on stereotypes. Another way that can help is if both men and women invest in education and start speaking up when they notice these double standards being perpetuated.


Ultimately, double standards are unhealthy and damaging for both sexes. It is important that everyone, especially individuals in the media, take measures in order to raise awareness of its negative effects and ultimately strive towards a more balanced narrative when it comes to gender roles.

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