The portrayal of sexual culture in web series

The Portrayal of Sexual Culture in Web Series

Web series have become a powerful platform for storytellers, giving them another medium to explore various themes and topics. While web series do not hold the same cultural influence and spotlight as traditional television and film, they can provide opportunities to to present content which wouldn’t normally be seen in traditional media. This includes the the general portrayal of sexual culture.

Exploring Different Perspectives on Sexuality

Web series are able to explore different perspectives on sexuality and how it intersects with gender and other topics. They provide an space for less represented communities and stories by:

  • Tackling taboos and challenging stigmas
  • Questioning gender roles
  • Breaking down stereotypes
  • Opening conversation

These shows can present real, raw stories of people’s experiences and shape a new narrative, posing questions and challenging the cultural status Quo.

Portrayal of LGBTQIA+ Identities

Web series have proven to be particularly useful in exploring queer experiences, positively portraying characters and tackling LGBTQIA+ issues. This can go as far as providing accurate and respectful information, as well as further understanding of complex sexual identities.

The very first web series, “The Spot”, was a LGBTQ drama which challenges stereotypes and aims to offer a unique and unbiased perspective on the realities of being a young gay man.

Rise of Femme Power Series

The emergence of web series has also provided an opportunity for female creators to make their own shows which deal with female-centric themes. These shows include topics such as sexuality explored from an honest, female point of view.

Catcalls, for example, is a series which follows two sisters and their experiences with street harassment and how it affects their self-image and confidence. The show does not shy away from difficult themes around sex and gender and presents them in a relatable, comedic way.


Web series have proven to be an important platform for exploring topics which may be deemed unsuitable by traditional media. The stories presented by these shows can challenge mainstream views on sexuality, open dialogue and provide a space for more represented communities to have their stories told.

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