The portrayal of sexual culture in news media

The Portrayal of Sexual Culture in News Media

Society constantly changes over time and new social developments raise a lot of questions. Such is the case with the portrayal of sexual culture in today’s news media. It is important to examine what type of effect does this play in the public’s opinion about their sexual culture and how it can help shape their attitude towards the question.

Objective Nature

News media should display an objective nature in their reporting. This means that all stories related to sexual culture must be presented in a balanced, unbiased way. The news reports should not contain any forms of sensational reading or other forms of exaggeration. Such a practice is only beneficial to those in the industry who stand to gain commercially from it and does not serve the public’s interest.

Fair Representation

News media should strive to provide fair representation where sexual culture is concerned in order to ensure that they are not influencing the public’s perception in an unwarranted manner. The news media should ensure that they report sexual culture issues in a way that portrays all sides of the argument as fairly and accurately as possible.

Informative Content

News media should also strive to provide informative content pertaining to sexual culture in order to ensure that the public is provided with the necessary knowledge that they need. This can include the history of sexual culture, changing trends and the implications that this knowledge has on society.

Ethical Standards

Finally, the news media should adhere to the highest ethical standards when reporting on sexual culture. This includes avoiding any kind of sensationalism or exploitation when reporting on these stories. Additionally, all stories should be reported in a way that does not cause any kind of shame or humiliation for any of the individuals involved.


In summary, the portrayal of sexual culture in news media is an important factor in shaping the public’s opinion and the media must take extra care when reporting on such stories. Objectivity, fairness, informative content and the highest ethical standards should be applied to ensure that the public is presented with the right impression when it comes to sexual culture.

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