The portrayal of sexual culture in different societies

The Portrayal of Sexual Culture in Different Societies

Different societies hold different beliefs and practices when it comes to their own sexual culture. In this article we will be looking at how these societies portray sexual culture and the attitudes they hold towards it.

Muslim Society

In Islamic societies, traditional values put a heavy emphasis on sexual modesty and purity. Sex before marriage is seen as unacceptable, but once married, relationships are highly valued.

  • Religion: Islamic teachings shape the way sexuality is seen in Muslim societies. Traditional values include modesty, a focus on family and marriage, and an emphasis on celibacy for unmarried individuals.
  • Gender Roles: Unlike some other societies, in Muslim societies men and women are expected to be treated equally in regards to sexual expression and activity. Men and women both have rights and responsibilities when it comes to sexuality.
  • Attitudes: Generally, premarital sex is seen as a taboo, and traditional values emphasize the importance of marriage and family. However, attitude towards marital sex can be more relaxed depending on the region and community.

Western Society

In Western societies, sex has historically been seen as private and personal. However, as time has moved on, sexual liberation has become increasingly accepted with more relaxed attitudes towards premarital and extramarital sex.

  • Religion: Religion plays a much less prominent role in shaping sexual culture in Western societies. Although in some circles traditional values may still emphasize the importance of marriage and the ideal of sexual purity.
  • Gender Roles: Compared to other societies, gender roles in Western societies tend to be more equal when it comes to sexual expression and activity. The idea of gender equality has become a more accepted idea in recent years.
  • Attitudes: Generally, attitudes towards premarital sex are more relaxed and there are fewer taboos surrounding extramarital affairs. However, traditional moral codes still exist in some circles and opinions still vary greatly within different communities.


It is evident that different societies portray sexuality in different ways. Even within the same society, attitudes and beliefs can vary depending on the individual, region and community. Thus, it is important to be aware of the different attitudes held by different societies and communities towards sexuality in order to ensure understanding, respect and sensitivity.

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