The myths and facts about non-binary gender

The Myths and Facts about Non-Binary Gender

When it comes to gender, the conversation often centers around male and female, but there is a much broader landscape available. Non-binary gender is a spectrum of gender identity that falls outside of the traditional male/female binary. Many people identify as non-binary, and understanding their needs is critical for creating an inclusive and supportive environment. Although non-binary gender is becoming increasingly understood and accepted, there are many myths circulating that are simply not true.


  • Non-binary gender isn’t real: Non-binary gender is just as real and valid as binary gender. It should be respected, acknowledged and accepted by those around it.
  • Non-binary means one gender: Despite being outside the traditional binary of male and female, non-binary gender is an expansive spectrum of gender identity and expression.
  • Non-binary is just a phase: Non-binary gender is not a phase, but rather an individual’s gender identity. It is not something that someone wears for a few days, or a trend that passes with time. It is an integral and core part of who someone is, and should be respected as such.


  • Non-binary is valid and respected: Non-binary gender is recognised and respected by many countries, organisations and individuals as a legitimate gender identity. Many countries, including India, Australia and Canada, allow non-binary people to legally identify as such.
  • Non-binary is an expansive identity: Non-binary identity is an expansive umbrella term that encapsulates many different gender identities, including genderfluid, bigender, agender, neutrois and genderqueer, among many others.
  • Non-binary is a positive identity: Non-binary gender should be celebrated as a positive and proud identity. It is an expression of diversity and inclusiveness, and should be embraced as such.

Non-binary gender is just as real and valid as binary gender, and should be respected and celebrated as such. It is an expansive spectrum of gender identity and expression, and there is a huge diversity within it that should be celebrated and embraced. In a world that is increasingly open to diverse identities, non-binary gender should be respected and embraced as a positive identity.

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