The link between exercise and fertility

The Link Between Exercise and Fertility

Fertility is an important part of reproductive health, so it is important for people to maintain a healthy lifestyle to encourage fertility. Increasing evidence has been published in favor of the relationship between exercise and fertility.

How Exercise Can Improve Fertility

  • For Women: Exercise can help normalize hormone regulation, reduce stress, and accentuate weight loss, all factors of improving egg quality. The better the quality of a woman’s eggs, the easier it is to become pregnant. Exercise can also help women retain a healthy BMI, which is also important for maintaining a healthy fertility rate.
  • For Men: Exercise can also be beneficial for men. In men, exercise can improve sperm quality and motility by aiding in hormone regulation, improving blood circulation and reducing stress.

The Best Type of Exercise for Sexual Wellbeing

Studies have shown that aerobic exercises such as walking, running, and swimming are the most beneficial for fertility. These exercises can help women and men reach and maintain a healthy BMI, control their weight, reduce stress, boost sex hormones, improve oxygen levels, and improve blood circulation.

The Connection Between Exercise and Reproductive Health

It is important for people to lead a healthy lifestyle to promote reproductive health. Exercise is an important factor that can be beneficial for fertility and help people conceive a baby. People should consult with a doctor before starting any exercise program, as different people have different needs. Exercise is one way to increase the odds of conceiving a baby in a safe and healthy way.

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