The intersection of sexual orientation and gender identity

The Intersection of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

As society more fully recognizes the diversity of gender and sexuality, it is important to examine the intersection between sex, gender and sexuality. While it is important to recognize the individuality of all of these identifications, there are certain cases where one’s sexual orientation and gender identity blend together. There are three major categories of this intersection:


Genderqueer is a gender identity that falls outside of the male-female binary. A genderqueer individual may identify as neither entirely male nor female, or as a combination of both. They may also choose to adopt gender-neutral pronouns such as “they”.


Pansexuality is an orientation that is not limited by gender or sex. A pansexual person may be attracted to all or many genders, including male, female, and genderqueer individuals. In many cases, a pansexual individual’s orientation is closely linked to their gender identity.


Bigender individuals are those who identify as two genders at once. They may switch back and forth between genders, have elements of both genders, or experience them simultaneously. This identity is closely intertwined with a person’s sexual orientation, as they may experience attraction to both genders.

The three identities above demonstrate the intersection of gender identity and sexual orientation, and bring more depth to understanding sexual and gender diversity. It is important to remember that each individual’s experiences are unique, and that no two experiences are the same. Additionally, there is no hierarchy of gender or sexual identities- all should be respected and accepted.

Bottom line: Sexual orientation and gender identity are closely linked, and the intersections between them create a complex and beautiful web of individual experiences. It is important that everyone respects and understands the diversity of gender and sexuality.

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