The intersection of sexual culture and ageism

The Intersection of Sexual Culture and Ageism

Ageism has been an issue for decades, and its effects are far-reaching. In the world of sexual culture, ageism is a complex issue with serious implications for both older and younger generations.

Effects on Older Individuals

When it comes to sexual culture, older individuals can face discrimination due to their age in a variety of ways:

  • The Myth of Inexperience: Older people may be seen as inexperienced because they are assumed to be less likely to know about “trendy” sex topics. This creates a barrier to entry into the modern sexual culture.
  • Feelings of Shame: Older individuals may feel ashamed of engaging in activities that are deemed too “youthful.” This can lead to a feeling of alienation from the sexual culture at large.
  • Lack of Representation: The sexual culture often focuses on younger individuals and fails to include or properly represent older adults’ sexuality. This lack of representation leads to a lack of support and resources for older individuals.

Effects on Younger Individuals

Ageism in sexual culture also affects younger generations in the following ways:

  • Sexual Double Standards: Younger individuals may face a double standard when it comes to their sex lives. This can manifest in judgment of one’s sexual activity or promiscuity-shaming.
  • Misinformation: Young people often lack access to adequate sex education or have easy access to inaccurate and damaging information. This lack of accurate knowledge can lead to confusion and a lack of agency surrounding their sex lives.
  • Unrealistic Expectations: Younger individuals may feel pressure to fit a certain stereotype around their sexual behavior, which can be damaging and oppressive in nature.


Ageism in the sexual culture is a complex issue with serious implications for both older and younger generations. It is important that we work towards creating an inclusive and safe sexual culture for all ages, where individuals of all ages can be accepted, respected, and supported.

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