The importance of gender-inclusive language

The Importance of Gender-Inclusive Language

Gender-inclusive language is language that attempts to include all genders, rather than assuming a masculine-default. Language shapes our reality, and the use of gender-inclusive language can make the world a more inclusive place, one that acknowledges and accepts gender identities outside of the binary.

Why Is Gender-Inclusive Language Important?

  • It gives gender diverse people visibility.
  • It shows respect for all gender identities.
  • It decreases the gender binary, as well as gender stereotypes.
  • It encourages inclusivity in social and political spheres.

Language is an incredibly powerful tool, and we should all strive to use inclusive language that respects all genders and identities. By avoiding phrases such as “he or she”, “ladies and gentlemen” and “male and female”, and instead opting for gender-neutral words such as “they”, “folks” and “people”, we can create an environment of acceptance and respect for all genders.

For those who find using gender-inclusive language challenging or overwhelming, there are many resources available which provide guidance and help. For example, many websites and books provide lists of gender-inclusive language as well as advice on how to use them.


Gender-inclusive language is an important tool for creating a society that celebrates and respects all genders. By making a conscious effort to use more inclusive language in our daily lives, we can create a more inclusive world for everyone.

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