The impact of social media on public perception of sexual behavior

The Impact of Social Media on Public Perception of Sexuality

The effects of social media on public opinion about sexuality cannot be understated. In the last few decades, there has been an unprecedented rise of freely accessible, global communication platforms, and this has greatly impacted social and sexual behavior.

Exploring the Influence of Social Media

By way of connecting people around the world, social media enables users to share their values and ideas very quickly, resulting in a dynamic dialogue. As part of this dialogue, there is an increased risk that previously unheard perspectives and behaviors become public knowledge.

In relation to sexual behavior, this shift means that public opinion is no longer exclusively shaped by the messages disseminated by the mainstream media and religious organizations. Social networking sites now often provide alternative discourses which challenge long-held beliefs and promote greater acceptance of alternate lifestyles and sexual practices.

Debating Community Moderation

Naturally, this can lead to heated debate about whether social networks should aim to police or counter inappropriate or sensationalized content. While some argue that it should be the responsibility of social media companies to crack down on content deemed offensive or inappropriate, others contend that it is up to users to be cognizant of what they post online.


In conclusion, there is an undeniable effect of social media on public opinion of sexuality. The borderless, virtual space provided by social networks allows people to have free access to an array of alternative beliefs and behaviors, and this in turn leads to greater acceptance of varied sexual practices. Though social media companies should be conscious of the discussion their platforms host, it is ultimately the users who hold the power. By continuing a respectful dialogue that promotes a non-judgmental attitude towards all types of sexual behavior, they can shape public perceptions in a positive and productive way.

Key points:

  • Social media has had a huge impact on public opinion of sexuality
  • The ability to access alternative beliefs and behaviors leads to greater acceptance
  • The responsibility should be shared amongst social media platforms and users
  • Encouraging a respectful dialogue is essential for forming productive public opinion.

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