The impact of historical events on sexual culture

The Impact of Historical Events on Sexual Culture

Sexual culture has been shaped by different events throughout history. From ancient Biblical views to more modern attitudes, various events have had significant impacts on the way we view sex today. The following historical events have had a lasting effect on sexual culture:

Rise of Christianity

The rise of Christianity in the first century AD had a tremendous impact on the way sex was viewed. Originally, sex was considered a natural part of life and was accepted in various forms in Greco-Roman and other ancient cultures. However, Christianity brought a much more restrictive view of sex, with their view that sex should only occur between a married man and woman for the purpose of creating children. This view was then adopted by other cultures, leading to a total shift in the way sex was viewed.

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution had a major impact on sexual culture. As people began to leave their rural homes and move to big cities in search of work, they became exposed to different lifestyles than what they had been accustomed to. This led to a more open attitude towards sex, as people had more opportunity to explore different avenues of pleasure. This would eventually lead to the development of birth control, as well as other innovations in safe sex practices.

The Sexual Revolution

The Sexual Revolution of the 1960s and 70s had a revolutionary effect on sexual culture. This period saw a huge shift in attitudes towards sex, with increased acceptance of sex outside of marriage and the view that sex should be a source of pleasure as well as procreation. This shift in attitude led to a more general acceptance of sex, including topics like homosexuality and a more liberal view of sex in general.


Throughout history, there have been numerous events that have had a lasting impact on sexual culture. From the rise of Christianity to the Sexual Revolution, these different events have shaped the way we view sex today. As our culture continues to evolve, the different events of the past will continue to have a major influence on our sexual culture.

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