The impact of cultural traditions on sexual culture

The Impact of Cultural Traditions on Sexual Culture

Our sexual culture is heavily influenced by the cultural traditions we have inherited from our ancestors around the world. Sexual values, practices, and beliefs are passed down from generation to generation, and often represent the cultural norms and societal expectations of a certain region. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which culture and sexual practices intersect.

Education and Access to Contraception

Cultural traditions can sometimes affect how people in a particular region are educated about sexual health, and the level of access they have to birth control and other contraception methods. For example, in some cultures, teaching children about sex and contraception is considered a taboo topic, meaning there may be less opportunity to receive accurate information and resources in this area. This could lead to a lack of knowledge or access to contraception, which can have a significant impact on sexual culture.

Gender Roles

Cultural traditions often come with certain expectations about gender roles. These expectations can have a direct impact on sexual practices and beliefs. For example, an increased emphasis on traditional gender roles might lead to a situation where the responsibility of contraception lies solely with women. Furthermore, some cultural traditions can also lead to more widespread sexual violence and inequality, which can have a devastating effect on the sexual culture of an area.

Family Planning

Cultural traditions can also impact family planning practices. For example, in some cultures, families may prefer to have more children, whereas in others, families prefer to have fewer children. These preferences often stem from cultural values or religious beliefs, and can lead to different sexual attitudes and standards.

Sexual Taboos

Finally, cultural traditions often come with certain sexual taboos, which can have a direct impact on sexual culture. For instance, in some cultures, certain practices are considered morally wrong and are not accepted, while in other cultures these practices may be more accepted. This can lead to significant differences in the way that people approach various aspects of sexuality.


In conclusion, cultural traditions have a major impact on sexual culture. They can affect access to education and contraception, gender roles, family planning, and attitudes towards sexual taboos. These all have a strong influence on how people view sex and approach it in their own lives. It’s important to be aware of the cultural traditions that affect our sexual culture, in order to better understand our sexual values and beliefs.

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