How TV shows shape public perception of sexual relationships

How TV Shows Shape Public Perception of Sexual Relationships

Television has become an integral part of our lives, exposing us to a wide range of products, values, and perspectives. This means that the content that is televised can have a profound impact on our opinions and beliefs. As such, TV shows have a huge role to play in shaping public perception of sexual relationships.

Exposure to Taboo Subjects

TV shows can play a vital role in normalising taboo subjects such as LGBTQ+ relationships, one-night stands and consent. By providing visibility of these topics, TV shows can make them accessible to a wider audience who may not have previously encountered these conversations in their daily lives. This can greatly reduce toxic stigmas about sexuality and provide more education around consent and safe sex, helping to create healthier relationships.

Variety of Views and Examples

TV shows can also provide an opportunity to explore a variety of relationships and the range of situations that can occur. This can provide viewers with positive relationships to look up to, or insight into encounters that they should look to avoid.

TV can also provide examples of how to handle any difficult situations that may arise within sexual relationships. This can help to equip viewers with the information they need to ensure healthy relationships, recognising possible red flags or understanding when to seek help.

Building Self-Esteem and Confidence

A key focus of many of today’s TV shows is the development of relationships and characters. This typically involves addressing life’s highs and lows, including learning to love one’s self and developing confidence in their own values and decisions.

In addition to this kind of moral guidance, TV shows can also provide tangible examples of how to look your best, from what makeup brands to use to fashion advice. This can help to boost self-esteem and encourage healthy self-representation.

Overall, TV shows can have a huge impact on how we view sexual relationships, from feeling more confident and comfortable discussing taboo topics, to providing guidance for healthy relationships.


To summarise:

  • TV shows can expose us to topics often considered taboo. This can help to reduce stigma, provide education, and make difficult topics more accessible.
  • A diversity of relationships can be portrayed. This can help provide positive examples to aspire to, as well as insight into red flags or concerning encounters.
  • TV can build self-esteem. From life lessons to fashion advice, TV shows help to boost confidence and encourage healthy self-representation.

All in all, TV shows are hugely influential in shaping public opinion of sexual relationships.

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