How to overcome performance anxiety

How to Overcome Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is not just something actors and public speakers worry about and can affect anyone, in many different types of situations. From exams to presentations, job interviews to sporting events, these anxieties can be incredibly powerful and debilitating. If you find yourself suffering from nerves, here are some tips for overcoming your performance anxieties:

1. Acknowledge it

  • Recognising that you even have performance anxiety can be a huge step in recovering from it.
  • Acknowledging these anxieties can be empowering and can allow you to develop strategies for tackling them.
  • Be open with people to let them know that you’re anxious; sometimes just knowing that you’re not alone can make a big difference.

2. Prepare

  • Take your desired outcome seriously and be prepared.
  • Understand the situation and role that you’ll be in and prepare for it.
  • Be specific on what successes look like; if possible, practice it.

3. Confidence as a Habit

  • Be conscious of how you talk to yourself.
  • Replace negative self-talk with positive, constructive comments.
  • Ensure that your inner dialogue is supportive
    and encouraging.

4. Improve Your Mindset

  • Whenever possible, take time to identify the exact thoughts and feelings you have before events.
  • Refocus your mindset away from being anxious, to being reflective and understanding.
  • Look for ways to reframe the way you think about the event and embrace it as an opportunity to test your capabilities and grow.

5. Looking After Yourself

  • It’s important to take care of yourself physically and mentally when going through anxieties.
  • A healthy diet, sufficient sleep and adequate exercise are important.
  • Talk to friends and family, or seek help if you don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone you know.

Performance anxieties can be tough to manage, but with the right tools, you can work towards conquering them. Remember, practice makes perfect and if you stay focused and positive, you can experience success and feel confident in your ability.

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