How to have a safe and pleasurable first sexual experience

How to Have a Safe and Pleasurable First Sexual Experience

At some point in a person’s life they may decide they want to explore their sexuality, which can involve some risks. The following are tips to help ensure that a first sexual experience is both safe and pleasurable:

Before You Begin

  • Come to a mutual and consensual understanding with your partner about the activities that are going to be involved.
  • Discuss contraception and safer sex to minimize the risks of unintended pregnancy, STIs, and HIV.
  • Talk to your partner about their expectations and clarify yours as well.
  • Be sure you are in a place and situation that you both can relax and enjoy.
  • Create an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect, intimacy, and safety.

During the Experience

  • Communication is key. Talk to your partner about what you like and don’t like so that they can tailor the experience to your needs and desires.
  • Engage all five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.
  • Experiment with different positions and techniques to discover what feels best for both of you.
  • Keep talking. This will help ensure that the experience is enjoyable and comfortable.
  • Take pauses to relax, connect, and enjoy each other’s presence.


  • Thank your partner for their time and consideration.
  • Take time to process the experience. You can talk about it with your partner or in a safe space with someone you trust.
  • If either of you noticed any signs or symptoms of a STI or HIV, arrange to get tested as soon as possible.
  • Take care of your body by eating well, drinking plenty of fluids, and getting plenty of rest.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your first sexual experience is safe, consensual, and pleasurable – the perfect way to explore your sexuality.

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