How streaming services shape public perception of sexual relationships

How Streaming Services Shape Public Perception of Sexual Relationships

The shows we watch, the movies we see, the stories we tell – they all have an impact on our lives. This has always been true, but with the rise of streaming services and a global entertainment market, the way media affects us is even more apparent than before. This is especially true when it comes to our perception of sexual relationships and our ideas of what is normal and acceptable.

Social Norms and Expectations

It has been proven that media can shape concepts like social norms and expectations. We are bound to believe what we see in movies and on TV, and that might lead us to think that these behaviors are accepted in real life.

Looking at shows and movies about romance and sexual relationships, we can see that there is a standard of how these relationships should look. Relationships are often portrayed as happening quickly, with few barriers to entry. In many cases, these relationships lead to happy endings. Themes of monogamy and loyalty are often the norm, and the idea of conflict within relationships is often romanticized.

Acceptable Behaviors

The way sexual relationships are portrayed in the media is also linked to what we consider to be acceptable behaviors in real life. If we come to expect that characters on TV have sex after only a few dates, we might come to think of this as something that is perfectly normal.

Similarly, if we watch shows and movies where relationships are highly dramatic and often tumultuous, we may think that this is how a healthy relationship should be. We might even come to think that a little bit of conflict is necessary for a good, healthy relationship.

Changing Perspectives

Fortunately, streaming services are beginning to recognize the impact their content can have on our perceptions of relationships, and they are making efforts to provide more diverse and accurate representation.

We can now see stories on streaming services that portray all kinds of relationships, from casual flings to committed partnerships. We can see different types of consent and acceptance, as well as different degrees of commitment and loyalty. We can also see stories of relationships that are filled with conflict, but still result in happy and healthy outcomes.


Ultimately, streaming services have the ability to shape our perceptions of relationships and our expectations of acceptable behaviors. It is important to recognize the power of media and to think critically about what we watch. By exposing ourselves to diverse and positive portrayals of relationships, we can begin to change the way we think about love, sex, and relationships in our own lives.

Things to Remember

  • Media has the power to shape our perceptions of relationships and expectations of acceptable behaviors.
  • Streaming services are beginning to provide more diverse and accurate portrayals of relationships.
  • Exposing ourselves to different representation can help us to change the way we think about love, sex, and relationships.

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